Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Place of Vultures

We come from a place of vultures.
But no one ever asked what happened to our culture
Instead we are scanning for prey everyday
With the idea that there will be something to take.

We fight and argue about whose to blame
Instead of taking credit for our shame
Like “hey…let’s just blame it on the rap game.”
Because it’s easy to attack the famed

What happened to our culture?
That time when high school sweethearts marry is over.
That time when violence was fought with peace and love is over
Now our president is more of a ruler
And proceeds to add more terror.

We come from a place of vultures
Where guns are legal to protect the terrified
When those same guns are being used to terrify.
And mothers and brothers cry.
Because a part of their heart dies.
When one bullet flied.

We come from a place of vultures
Where manipulating religions is kosher
And we have to be cautious of who we let closer.

So I ask…what happened to our culture?