Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Place of Vultures

We come from a place of vultures.
But no one ever asked what happened to our culture
Instead we are scanning for prey everyday
With the idea that there will be something to take.

We fight and argue about whose to blame
Instead of taking credit for our shame
Like “hey…let’s just blame it on the rap game.”
Because it’s easy to attack the famed

What happened to our culture?
That time when high school sweethearts marry is over.
That time when violence was fought with peace and love is over
Now our president is more of a ruler
And proceeds to add more terror.

We come from a place of vultures
Where guns are legal to protect the terrified
When those same guns are being used to terrify.
And mothers and brothers cry.
Because a part of their heart dies.
When one bullet flied.

We come from a place of vultures
Where manipulating religions is kosher
And we have to be cautious of who we let closer.

So I ask…what happened to our culture?

Unacceptable Acceptance

As I sit and wonder
I ponder the possibilities
Of chances that I’ve blunder
Due to my inability
To realize that I have more thunder.

It is hard to think of yourself as anything
If everything that you once believed
Was mocked and degraded to seem
Less than acceptable.

I do not put blame on outside forces
I put blame on the resources
for not outsourcing
because over the course
of time, it has became important
to give something that I never thought I had.

It isn’t always a matter of desire.
It sometimes the Colorado river
That leaves huge craters
And the lack of knowledge
On how to fill the empty space.

So things become unacceptable.
Instead of fighting for acceptance,
It becomes prudent to not care
And not try. Don’t dare
Try to backtrack
Because what once was your chance

All of a sudden is something that you can’t take back.

Strawberries and Grapes

It’s the morning smell of strawberries and grapes
Laced in long threads that tickle my face.
I want to relive last night’s race,
So there are more than sunrays
For me to embrace.

It’s my oversized t-shirt that you chose
To complement those silky smooth legs that you love to boast
As my hands enjoy the night’s every inch
To every mid-morning kiss

It’s the competing hearts that beat from one bedside to the next
And realizing that my boss can wait instead of getting stressed.
Last night was more than one night’s passion.
It was the overwhelming feeling of a romantic connection.

It’s the rainbow after the clouds,
Flowers after it rains.
We walked the streets to this house.
You knew by my gaze
That you are more than any blouse.

It’s the wet mist that we share between us.
As we lose all fears and gain all care within us.
These nights always seem so great.

If only every dream can begin and end with strawberries and grapes.